Welcome to my online photo gallery

The Portfolios

The Portfolios are hand picked and grouped thematically. They are only updated occasionally as something strikes my fancy.

The Collections

My collections are all of the photos from a given trip or shoot. There are literally thousands of images dating back to the days of shooting film. The collections are grouped by type:

National Parks, Monuments, and Forests:
Galleries spanning multiple trips (and years) to various national properties and surrounding beautiful areas. They are grouped by region, Alaska, Canada, Eastern Seaboard, Eastern Mountains, Rocky Mountains, Desert Southwest, and Pacific region

Regional Collections:
Galleries (possibly spanning multiple trips) which are focused on a specific region or subject. Usually places that are not part of the National Parks collections.

Pacific North West Events:
A collection of galleries from events and trips from around the Pacific North West. These are a combination of snapshots and gallery photos

Other Events and Trips:
A collection of galleries from events from other places. These are primarly tripographies. These are a combination of snapshots and gallery photos.

A catch-all collection of galleries of events from other places that don't fit anywhere else.

The Events

A collection of photos from events around Oregon, mostly from Science on Tap, Nerd Nite and Science Pub.
CAUTION most of these are really old and will not be updated to the current site template or navigation!!!!