I accept paypal, cash or checks


Prints can be of any size.

I primarily compose in a 1x1.5 aspect ratio (11x16.5, 9.5x14, 8x12, etc), but many images shots will crop nicely to the consumer 4x5 aspect ration (11x14, 10x12, 8x10)

Pricing is 75 cents per square inch of photo (so 11x16.5x.75 = $136). Printing will be on Epson Premium Photo Luster paper unless otherwise specified.

Prints are made on Epson Photo Printers using the Ultrachrome K3 Ink technology.

Files for your own use

If you need a file for personal or commercial uses, (contact me)[/contact.php) for pricing. Most non-profit and personal use will be free of charge, provided it falls within my ("Terms of Use")[/about.php]